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About Senior Solutions empowers you with choices by working with providers that offer a variety of services. Below are just some of those types of services and referrals.

What Our Colleagues are Saying



“I recommend her to anyone searching for assistance with their senior loved one. She is experienced, knowledgeable, and kind… exactly the type of person you would want helping you during a time which can be most difficult.”

Lidia Korinko
Graphic Designer at Art 2 Ink, LLC

“Mary is passionate about her work and will go above and beyond to help her clients and guide them in the direction they need. She has vision and integrity. Mary has worked in the field of health care for more than 20 years and has the connections and knowledge to get the job done.”

Margo Winners
Graphic Designer, Cerritos College

“Mary has become a client of Helping Heroes Productions, but recently a friend needed the support for her aunt and we recommended Mary Winners! If you want a “winner” in your corner, Mary is the person to call.

The process and system we must follow these days with medical insurance and placement of our loved ones can be tedious and draining not to mention very confusing, but with About Senior Solutions, our issues became more coordinated and less confusing for us to deal with.

Her rates, time, talents, and bed-side manner are assets in dealing with an emergency situation as we have dealt with the past couple weeks and for this we are so grateful! We recommend Mary and her staff 100%!

Michelle Bart
Media Consultant
Co-Founder NWCAVE

“I recommended Mary Winners to a sister from Texas to work with HER sister who had been hospitalized, to design and implement an appropriate discharge plan, so that her sister could recover and recuperate, without financial or physical elder abuse. Mary did a superb job: she has a good way of listening to the client, of responding to their concerns, and using a wide knowledge of local resources to ‘knit it all together’. My client (from Texas) was very, very pleased.”

Carol A. Peters, Esq.

“Mary Winners of About Senior Solutions has become the preeminent elder law and senior care professional in Southern California. A noted speaker and adviser, Mary has provided expert services to a wide variety of seniors in every economic category. Her ability to accurately pinpoint and guide families as they deal with emotional life-changing events gives Mary an insight that has no parallel.”

Darrell Brooke.
The Brooke Law Group, PC,
Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law

“Mary is a national expert on aging and senior issues. About Senior Solutions is an invaluable resource for families to care for their loved ones.”


Clare Ceplecha
Trusts and Estates

“About Senior Solutions has a unique understanding of an elder’s entire life picture: physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual. This understanding permeates their communications, which has clearly enhanced their continued professional relationships and her resourcefulness. I enjoy working with About Senior Solutions, and highly recommend getting to know them and learning from them.”


Marguerite Lorenz, CTFA, CLPF
Certified Master Trustee, Executor, and Agent

“Mary has achieved many accomplishments during her career and is highly respected among her colleagues. I highly recommend her for her many expertise’s.”


Richard Cloonan
President/CEO at The Cloonan Corporation

“Mary’s continued growth as a Geriatric Care Manager and resource for her clients and families is nothing short of admirable. Her recent addition of an elder abuse component makes her unique in her field.

Her calm, professional approach to difficult situations has earned her the respect of our colleagues in the San Gabriel Valley and she enjoys referrals from many diverse areas of the senior service industry.”


Lorine Stoikowitz
Regional Marketing Director at Gentle Transitions of California

“I am a probate litigation attorney with some very messy, high conflict cases. Gerontologist Mary Winners and her company About Senior Solutions are one of my go-to’s for assessments of seniors in crisis in anywhere in Los Angeles County. Mary has this gentle, empathetic demeanor that gets people to open up to her like no other professional I have seen. Then she tells us how to fix it for the best interests of the senior. Her instincts, training, people skills and intelligence are top notch.”


Lauriann Wright

“About Senior Solutions is the right organization to work with you if you have an older person with health or mental issues. She not only understands all the issues you have to address but she helps the family understand and deal with these issues.

Their connections and experience are invaluable! I highly recommend them!


Susan Chandler

A G.I.F.T. For You and Your Family

You can implement your Visionary Aging Plan by using G.I.F.T. A big part of this plan is helping everyone who matters understand your wishes, finances and family roles BEFORE a crisis occurs. It’s a G.I.F.T. to your family and yourself.




Our Mission

It is the Mission of About Senior Solutions to take seniors and their families out of the care crisis and offer the highest quality support and direction for every unique individual facing the aging process.
“Our primary purpose is to treat our families with the love and care that we would offer our own loved ones. We have a philosophy of treating people they way you want to be treated.”

Mary Winners, Founder


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