Shape Up Your Longevity

7 lifestyle changes that lead to a longer and healthier life span.

Eating Healthy

Food should nourish your body!

Goal:Add more fruits, vegetables, and water in your daily eating regime.



Here are some ways to Shape Up your eating habits:
  1. Phone a friend – Motivation and reaching your goals can be easier with a friend who has like-minded interests.
  2. Try the Plant Slant – Dan Buettner of The Blue Zones of Happiness researched and wrote about areas of the world where the healthiest people live the longest. Less meat and more veggies to fill the tummy were proven to get to you to age 100!
  3. One Thing at a Time – It’s difficult to get rid of all our favorite foods at once. Start with one thing, like sodas or chips, and gradually make changes for the better. You may find this will create immediate changes for you.
  4. Keep a Diary – Keep track of the foods you eat and how you feel. It may reveal for you the changes you need to make.
  5. Investigate – Talk with your doctor to see if there is testing offered under your insurance plan to find out which foods are giving you trouble. Another option is to try a food sensitivity test by EverlyWell. You may be surprised which foods are playing gymnastics in your body. I took the test and was surprised by the results.
  6. Eat Real Meals – Meals on Wheels is a great option for many seniors. Other, more customized options are also available. Try, a local chef who prepares meals just for you or a delivery service like Z.E.N., Sunfare, or Blue Apron. Or subscribe to a produce delivery service from a local farmer like Farmbox Direct and create your own fresh delectable items.


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