Shape Up Your Longevity

7 lifestyle changes that lead to a longer and healthier life span.


Purpose creates a reason
to get up in the morning!

Goal:Use your talents and interests by mentoring, volunteering, or making a difference on a project.




Ask yourself these questions to follow your purpose quest::

  1. What things did you enjoy doing as a kid, young adult and now?
  2. What makes you feel creative or energized?
  3. What are your strengths and natural talents?
  4. What skills do you have that can benefit others?
  5. What supports your values and interests?
  6. Is there something you want to do to make a difference?
  7. What would you regret not doing before you couldn’t do anymore?
  8. If you were to design your most perfect day, what would it include?
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Shape Up 7 Program

shape up 7 program

feel happier• reduce blood pressure • improve mental health • stronger immunity • reduce stroke and dementia risk • decrease depression • increase mental function • avoid Alzheimer’s

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Visionary Aging

With a Visionary Aging Plan, you plan ahead, stay in control and avoid a crisis.  Get started today by taking this short quiz.  Your answers will help you determine where you can start with your Visionary Aging Plan.

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