Shape Up Your Longevity

7 lifestyle changes that lead to a longer and healthier life span.

united family

Close Relationships keep us healthy and happy!

Goal:Stay connected on a regular basis to people who are most important to you.



Right now, it’s especially important to stay connected. Here are some ideas:
  1. Try Facetime, Alexa Show, Facebook Portal or Sundial Labs to “see” your family for Christmas.
  2. Bake and share recipes for a virtual cookie baking party.
  3. Organize a virtual card game or bingo, or other online games.
  4. Create new traditions such as an online crazy hat or ugly sweater contest.
  5. Hold a poetry reading or storytelling time. Get a scribe in the group to keep original stories. I will always remember my family reading my great-great-grandmother’s story that she dictated to her daughter in the 1800’s.
  6. Have the eldest in the family read a traditional holiday book and record it. My dad used to read Twas’ The Night Before Christmas to the kids. Polar Express and other holiday favorites could be recorded while the reading takes place.
  7. Take turns reenacting your favorite roles in holiday movies or play guessing games.
  8. Surprise someone by decorating their front door.
  9. Play ding-dong ditch-drop off your Christmas gifts and schedule your time to open gifts together.


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