About Senior Solutions

About Us

Who We Are

About Senior Solutions is a senior resource, evaluation, placement and advocacy organization dedicated to serving the needs of aging seniors and their family members.

The organization was founded by a professional woman passionate about providing families with solutions to health care dilemmas that families were in crisis over. We offer the Care Compass which empowers the family and provides substantial support toward quality of care for the senior.

We understand that sudden or gradual changes in a senior’s health can create a great deal of emotional concern and create overwhelming anxiety for families. When families are caught in the merry-go-round of health care options and what the best things for their loved one is, they turn to About Senior Solutions for the answers.

How We Can Help

Connect You with Services & Providers

About Senior Solutions empowers you with choices by working with providers that offer a variety of services.

Facilitates Referrals

Are you looking for a healthcare provider? Attorney? Case Manager? Assisted Living? We can help with that!

Resources for Better Living

Whether it’s information on healthy living, dementia, or future planning, we have resources available both online and in-person.

Our Mission

It is the Mission of About Senior Solutions to take seniors and their families out of the care crisis and offer the highest quality support and direction for every unique individual facing the aging process.
“Our primary purpose is to treat our families with the love and care that we would offer our own loved ones. We have a philosophy of treating people they way you want to be treated.”

Mary Winners, Founder


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