Dementia Resources

Dementia Resources

Below please find resources to help through your Journey

PAC Training

“Positive Approach® to Care (PAC) provides a wide variety of services to enhance awareness and increase dementia care skills, including PAC Speakers, Trainers, Teepa Talks, and Certifications. We are now offering an array of virtual options, too!”

Caregiver’s Guide to Understanding Dementia Behaviors

“Caring for a loved one with dementia poses many challenges for families and caregivers. People with dementia from conditions such as Alzheimer’s and related diseases have a progressive biological brain disorder that makes it more and more difficult for them to remember things, think clearly, communicate with others, and take care of themselves. In addition, dementia can cause mood swings and even change a person’s personality and behavior. This fact sheet provides some practical strategies for dealing with the troubling behavior problems and communication difficulties often encountered when caring for a person with dementia.”

What Is Dementia? – Alzheimer’s Association

“Dementia is a general term for loss of memory, language, problem-solving and other thinking abilities that are severe enough to interfere with daily life. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia.”

Understanding and supporting a person with dementia – Alzheimer’s Society

This page can help you understand what a person with dementia is going through in order to give them the help and support they need to live well.

Caregiver Training Videos

“Welcome to the UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Video series. This series was created by the Multicampus Programs in Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology (MPGMG) at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. By watching these videos, you are taking an important step toward understanding and managing behaviors associated with dementia. These videos will provide you with practical tools you can use in a variety of settings to create a safe, comfortable environment both for the person with dementia and the caregiver.”

Kensington Senior Living

“We promise to love and care for your family as we do our own.
Kensington Senior Living is a premier senior living operator and developer bringing the highest quality senior care to America’s most sought after locations.”

The Inspire Partners Training Program

“Our Mission … To influence the best in wellness and health for aging adults through support, education and creative interventions.”

CBD Consultations –

Sue Feldmeth, RN 888-736-5864

Psycho-social Evaluation, Advocacy, 2nd opinions

About Senior Solutions 888-736-5864



Our Mission

It is the Mission of About Senior Solutions to take seniors and their families out of the care crisis and offer the highest quality support and direction for every unique individual facing the aging process.
“Our primary purpose is to treat our families with the love and care that we would offer our own loved ones. We have a philosophy of treating people they way you want to be treated.”

Mary Winners, Founder


Online Education

Visionary Aging

With a Visionary Aging Plan, you plan ahead, stay in control and avoid a crisis.  Get started today by taking this short quiz.  Your answers will help you determine where you can start with your Visionary Aging Plan.

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